• Brand New Holley 81571
    Specifically built by Holley for the Australian Market, this 470 CFM carb is ideal for smaller V8 engines from 253 cu.in. to 308 cu.in. and larger 6 cylinder engines.
  • Dyno Tuning
    Dyno Tuning
    In-house dyno tuning also available! Pricing starts from as low as $400. Call or email us to make a booking.
  • Tumble Polished Carburettors
    Tumble Polished Carburettors
    Just a reminder that our remanufactured carburettors are also available in a tumble polish finish. Most or our big sellers are already on the shelf in both the dichromate gold or the tumble polished finish. We can also provide this service on your next carburettor overhaul, just ask for details.
  • Stromberg Carburettors
    We can remanufacture your single barrel and WW strombergs in house.
    Prices start from $149
    Contact us for information
  • Marine Carburettors
    With the warm weather approaching, it's time to get the boat out of the shed. If your boat carby is looking worse for wear, then have a look at our RM600J's. Marine calibrated and ready to bolt on and go for a hassle free summer on the water for many seasons to come.
  • Hume Pro Series Carburettors
    The NEW Hume Performance Pro Series Carburettors have been developed with decades of research and hands on experience to provide absolute precision to carburettors in the performance market. These carburettors are specifically calibrated to suit your individual application, whether it be tough street, drag racing or off road. To discuss your application please complete the 'Hume Performance Tech Sheet' located in the 'Technical' section of our website.
  • Pro Systems
    Hume Performance is now a Pro Systems distributor with carburettors and small parts in-stock
  • Nitrous Refill
    Nitrous Refill
    Live locally and need your NOS bottle refilled? With our new NOS refill station installed and ready to go, we can refill your bottle while you wait. Call us or check the About section to view our business hours.
  • 0-1850SAJ Marine 600 CFM Four Barrel
    Shiny finish, Vacuum secondaries, Power valve blowout protection, Side hung floats, Single feed fuel inlet, NEW "next gen" needle & seat design eliminates the need for external float level adjustment. These carburettors have been specifically calibrated for marine use and fitted with J tubes to retain fuel within the carburettor in the event of flooding.
  • Abruzzi Racing Transmissions
    Abruzzi Racing Transmissions & Converters now in store. Call us on 02 9602 9033 to discuss your application.
  • Holley Ultra Double Pumper
    List No 0-76650 or 0-76750 available in Blue, Black or Red billet metering blocks and baseplate. Features include: Aluminium Construction, Centre Hung Floats, Clear Sight Windows, 4-Corner Idle, Ford Kickdown, Dual Feed Fuel Inlets and Electric choke.

Welcome to Hume Performance!


We are one of Australia’s leading Speed Shops, dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality parts and service available at competitive prices.

We have been established since 1986 and are one of the largest stockists of Holley and Rochester carburettors outside America with over 4000 carburettors in stock. Our extensive range of carburettors and parts has set the standard over the past 25 years.

Our commitment to stocking such a large inventory of Carburettors and Fuel System related products means our buying power is unrivalled, equalling great savings which are passed on directly to our customers.

Whether you require a new or rebuilt carburettor or even the smallest of carb parts we should have it in stock. We are the one stop shop for all your Holley carburettor and fuel system needs.

Our customers are able to shop with confidence knowing we have been selling and servicing Rochester and Holley carburettors for over 25 years. We are able to rebuild your carburettor and also offer a complete restoration service for those of you looking for specific list numbers and specifications for original equipment or muscle car carburettor needs.

We are authorized distributors of all Holley Performance Products (Holley carburettors, fuel pumps, intake manifolds, fuel injection and superchargers) NOS (Nitrous Oxide), Weiand (intake manifolds and superchargers), Crane (cams and ignition), Lunati (internal engine components), Hooker (extractors and exhaust) and Moroso (performance products).

Please feel free to have a look at our Hollley carb tuning video's and Holley tech video's.


Our Brands

  • Holley
  • Abruzzi
  • Edelbrock
  • Rochester
  • Redline
  • Pro Systems
  • Aeroflow
  • Quick Fuel
  • Nos
  • Weiand
  • Lunati

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